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24th Jul 2015

Comedian reveals every single note he threw at Sepp Blatter was real

"Big balls come in handy"

Ben Kiely

Simon Brodkin has “mucho cojones”.

The English comedian’s stunt of making it rain on Sepp Blatter nearly cost him a decent chunk of change, but thanks to Swiss police, it didn’t cost him a penny.

Many suspected that the money he showered the Fifa president with was fake, but Brodkin revealed that the prank actually set him back $600.

Brodkin was arrested by Swiss police for trespassing, but explained that the authorities gave him back all the offending cash:

“For me, that’s part of it. If you’re going to do it, you do it properly. The [FIFA] guys couldn’t believe it. In the end, it cost me nothing because they gave it all back. I can assure you there might be corruption in [FIFA], but the Swiss police are corruption-free. They gave me back every penny: ‘Here you go, sir.”

Legal implications meant Brodkin was reluctant to say how he managed to get into the press conference, but he admitted that having the right mindset was crucial.

“A lot of it is just feeling like you are meant to be there and looking the part.

“Big balls definitely come in handy.”

Hat-tip to the Telegraph

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