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17th Dec 2019

Christmas crackers – your festive sporting TV guide

Rob O'Hanrahan

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Forget the food, forget the presents… There’s one thing you need at this time of year, and it’s your television. That lovely, purgatory-like time of year is coming where you don’t know whether it’s Wednesday or Sunday, it’s chocolate for every meal and there’s still half a turkey and 6 loaves of Brennans to get through.

Unbelievable, Geoff.

We’ve got you set for the Christmas period, with all your sporting TV laid out for the next 10 days. There’s Premier League, NFL, darts, Pro 14 Rugby… Enough to be absolutely stuffed of sport by the new year, enjoy!

Sunday 22nd

Some of us have finished work, some of us have a couple of token days to tick off, some of us work in retail… Regardless, it’s a bumper day to kick off the festive period. You’ve got the darts pretty much all day, a couple of Premier League crackers, a bit of La Liga if you’re feeling exotic and the NFL to take you home:

World Darts Championships – 12:30pm – 4pm and 7pm-11pm, Sky Sports Darts & NOW TV

Watford v Manchester United – 2pm, Sky Sports Main Event & NOW TV

Real Betis v Atletico Madrid – 3pm, Premier Sports 2 & NOW TV

Chelsea v Spurs – 4pm, Sky Sports Main Event & NOW TV

NFL Redzone – 6pm, Sky Sports Mix & NOW TV

Monday 23rd

Just like your Christmas dinner, you want to pace yourself… That being said, you’ve a day in front of the darts as Ally Pally comes alive once again for two rip-roaring sessions. It’s still early enough in the tournament to have a couple of upsets, you’re not going anywhere (unless you still haven’t done the Christmas shopping…).

World Darts Championships – 12:30pm – 4pm and 7pm-11pm, Sky Sports Darts & NOW TV

Christmas Eve + Christmas Day

Lads, go chat to your families.

St. Stephen’s Day

These are the days that Christmas are made of. 18 of the 20 Premier League teams are in action throughout the day, so open up the Roses, put the feet up and immerse yourself in the insanity that is the St. Stephen’s Day fixture list. Every game is also available via the red button on Premier Sports, and if you need a break from the round ball, there’s a couple of Welsh derbies in the Pro 14 to freshen up the palate:

Spurs v Brighton – 12:15pm, Premier Sports 1 & NOW TV

Chelsea v Southampton – 2:30pm, Premier Sports 1 & NOW TV

Manchester United v Newcastle – 5:15pm, Premier Sports 1 & NOW TV

Leicester v Liverpool – 7:30pm, Premier Sports 1 & NOW TV

Cardiff Blues v Dragons – 2:30pm, eir Sport 1

Scarlets v Ospreys – 5:00pm, eir Sport 1

Friday 27th

THE DARTS ARE BACK! There’s still two sessions, so plenty to keep you occupied. You’ve also got a festive inter-pro derby as Connacht travel up north to take on an impressive Ulster side, while Man City and Wolves will both be hoping to gain back ground on, well, every one else who played the day before:

World Darts Championships – 12:30pm – 4pm and 7pm-11pm, Sky Sports Darts & NOW TV

Ulster v Connacht – 7pm, eir Sport 1

Wolves v Man City – 7:15pm, Premier Sports 1 & NOW TV

Saturday 28th

By now, you’ve more than made an indent in the couch, so why would you be doing anything else other than continuing your good, hard work? The darts goes on throughout the day, there are 4 Premier League fixtures and an absolute belter of an inter-pro between Leinster and Munster, who meet for the first time this season at Thomond Park under lights. Beautiful.

World Darts Championships – 12:30pm – 4pm and 7pm-11pm, Sky Sports Darts & NOW TV

Brighton v Bournemouth – 12:30pm, Sky Sports Main Event & NOW TV

Newcastle v Everton – 2:30pm, Premier Sports 1 & NOW TV

Norwich v Spurs – 5:30pm, Sky Sports Main Event & NOW TV

Munster v Leinster – 6pm, eir Sport 1

Burnley v Man United – 7:45pm, BT Sport 1 & NOW TV

Sunday 29th

How are you getting on at this stage? Have you felt the need to drink a smoothie, go for a run or do something generally productive? No? Good. It’s a good old fashioned Super Sunday; a London derby and a tricky task for Liverpool, while the last 8 step up to the oche in the final instalment of the double sessions at Alexandra Palace:

World Darts Championships Quarter Finals – 12:30pm – 4pm and 7pm-11pm, Sky Sports Darts & NOW TV

Arsenal v Chelsea – 2pm, Sky Sports Main Event & NOW TV

Liverpool v Wolves – 4:30pm, Sky Sports Main Event & NOW TV

Monday 30th

Just like the tins of sweets, we’re down to the last few here, but it’s still just as good. You’ve got the day for yourself, before the two semi-finals kick off in the World Darts Championship in the evening:

World Darts Championships Semi-Finals – 7pm-11pm, Sky Sports Darts & NOW TV

New Year’s Eve

Bad news… Sport takes a day off too. Might be time to leave the house.

New Year’s Day

Ah, you’re back! Got some good news, you can keep avoiding the fact that reality bites again tomorrow… There are 9 Premier League fixtures spread throughout the day, including the old-classic-turned-Europa-League-playoff-fixture between Arsenal and Manchester United and the final of the World Darts Championships. Enjoy it, you’ve earned it.

World Darts Championships Final – 7pm-11pm, Sky Sports Darts & NOW TV

Brighton vs Chelsea – 12.30pm, BT Sport & NOW TV

Burnley vs Aston Villa – 12.30pm, BT Sport & NOW TV

Southampton vs Tottenham – 3pm, BT Sport & NOW TV

Newcastle vs Leicester – 3pm, BT Sport & NOW TV

Watford vs Wolves – 3pm, BT Sport & NOW TV

Manchester City vs Everton – 5.30pm, BT Sport & NOW TV

Norwich vs Crystal Palace – 5.30pm, BT Sport & NOW TV

West Ham vs Bournemouth – 5.30pm, BT Sport & NOW TV

Arsenal vs Manchester United – 8pm, BT Sport & NOW TV

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