Chris Kamara meets Roy Keane in a lift 2 months ago

Chris Kamara meets Roy Keane in a lift

An Irish man and an English man walk into a lift...

The Irish man is Roy Keane. The English man is Chris Kamara.

The season is 2008/09. Roy Keane is manager of Sunderland where they have begun a second season in the Premier League after he got them back there in 06/07. Things aren't going too well though.

The Mackems are in London for an away game that Sky Sports will be covering and, as the most mischievous of gods would have it, Roy Keane and Chris Kamara are staying in the same Kensington hotel about to walk into the same lift at almost exactly the same time.

Kammy told the story to the That Peter Crouch Podcast and it's every bit as good as you'd expect it to be when you hear the words, 'Chris Kamara Roy Keane elevator' all put together.

"So I get in the lift on the fourth floor down to the ground," Kamara explains.

"On the third floor, it stops. Roy Keane walks in. Sunderland were struggling at the time so you know what it's like with the lift.

"The lady goes, 'going down.'

"I said, 'I think she's talking to you, Roy!'"

Quite possible, Kammy is the only man who would get away with that and get away with the wide-mouthed, innocent laugh that surely followed when he delivered the line.

Keane, of course, might be a man who takes certain things too seriously and demands certain standards, but he has always had a great sense of humour.

And even he at that time could appreciate the gag.


"To be fair, he looked up and he didn't give me the glare. I could see the glimmer of a smirk."

Maybe that was the moment Roy Keane decided that the entertainment business was more for him. He left Sunderland in December of that season, had a brief stint with Ipswich Town and hasn't managed since 2011.

Instead, he just lights up Sky Sports - sort of like our boy Kammy.