Champions League final 2022: UEFA report finds Liverpool fans 'were not to blame' 7 months ago

Champions League final 2022: UEFA report finds Liverpool fans 'were not to blame'

UEFA have accepted full responsibility.

A UEFA-commissioned report into the treatment of Liverpool fans outside of the Stade de France before the 2022 Champions League final "almost led to a disaster".


The game was delayed by 37 minutes as a combination of operational failures around the ground, creating access issues for distressed fans, in particular those who are disabled and asthmatic.

French police are due to face criticism in the independent report for firing tear gas and pepper spray near turnstiles used by Liverpool fans, leading to crushing around security barriers outside of the ground.


The report itself is yet to be published, however Sky Sports have obtained key detailings from the report.

Inside the report, they said that there were significant issues with accessing the venue, with French authorities also set to be criticised for deflecting the blame onto Liverpool supporters, especially after false claims about a large number of supporters trying to enter with fake tickets.

Police will also be blamed for not being proactive enough when locals - who climbed over fences - began to attack supporters who were trying to get into the ground.

Liverpool 2022 final


UEFA itself is also set to assign "primary responsibility" however some commission members disagreed with this view therefore the report will say that the police and FFF "bear responsibility" as part of their roles to ensure public safety.

Liverpool themselves have released a statement in response to the news of the report, criticising the fact it has been leaked before it's official release.

They said: "It’s hugely disappointing that a report of such significance, such importance to football supporters’ lives and future safety, should be leaked and published in this way.

Liverpool 2022 final


"It’s been over eight months of work by the independent panel and it is only right and proper to publish the contents of the report to our supporters appropriately.

"We will await to receive a copy of the report and digest it thoroughly before making any further comment."

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