Fans 'tear gassed' and denied entry to Champions League final in Paris 6 months ago

Fans 'tear gassed' and denied entry to Champions League final in Paris

There were reports of "chaos" and a "big bottleneck".

Fans were reportedly tear-gassed outside the Stade de France and denied entry to the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.


Kick-off was delayed by 15 minutes as supporters making their way to the stadium for the match were caught up in "chaos" and a "big bottleneck"

According to reports, the gates were shut with a host of fans still waiting to get into the ground, with Andy Kelly tweeting: "Fans queuing outside with tickets for a gate that’s been shut for no reason just been tear gassed. Throughly unpleasant experience and so dangerous. This isn’t how fans should be treated in a civilised society. Unacceptable".


Video footage shows thousands of fans situated outside the stadium, seemingly being stopped from gaining entry.


Sergios Santos wrote: "I've been to quite a few Champions League, Euro Cup and World Cup finals. What is happening at the Stade de France I have never seen before. There are groups of French around the stadium attacking and robbing the fans. I'm not talking about hearsay, I've seen it myself."


Other video footage shows people climbing over the gates and into the stadium's perimeters.

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