Bernardo Silva goes back for a second nibble at Liverpool fans 2 years ago

Bernardo Silva goes back for a second nibble at Liverpool fans

Maybe take your own advice, mate.

On Sunday, Manchester City winger Bernardo Silva found himself trending on Twitter after sending a message to Liverpool fans.


Calling them "pathetic", Silva hit out at Reds supporters who had presumably mocked him on social media following City's 3-1 Champions League quarter-final defeat to Lyon.

To his credit, he didn't delete that tweet, as many may have. But, it appears, he also hasn't learned his lesson, whatever lesson that may be.


In the first incendiary tweet aimed at Liverpool fans, Silva said "go celebrate your titles, or try to find a partner, drink a beer with a friend, read a book".

He was mocked on Twitter for being what many people might describe as "rattled", but then time passed, people had their fun, and by Monday it was mostly forgotten about.

At least until 9.30 on Monday evening, when Silva decided to have another go at Liverpool fans.

In the tweet sent on Monday, Silva said: "I guess reading a book was a bit too much for you... maybe just go for a brew."


Quite how this reflects on Silva is unclear, but one thing it certainly suggests is that he has far too much time for Twitter, where he follows the likes of Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, and that perhaps, as he suggests Liverpool fans should do, he may be better off meeting some friends for a brew.