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19th Dec 2015

Ashley Young is sent to the shops whilst Phil Jones is Phil Jones for Norwich opener


Conan Doherty

Alan Hansen is turning in his retirement home.

Diabolical defending.

It’s bad enough that Manchester United refuse to even glance forward nowadays but when their usually watertight defence starts leaking floods, it’s a recipe for a disaster. A red-faced disaster.

Another day, another defeat for Louis van Gaal’s men as they went down 2-1 at home to the Canaries. But the first goal was pitiful.

Cameron Jerome fired Norwich ahead at Old Trafford – remember, that place people used to be weary of traveling to – and it was nothing short of calamitous as far as the United dugout would’ve seen it.

Phil Jones, Ashley Young, Michael Carrick and even David De Gea… come on, lads.

It starts with Phil Jones lining up Nathan Redmond with what looks like a Karate Kid pose.

Phil Jones

Then he seems to forget the ball as he goes straight for the player.

Phil Jones 2

Phil Jones 3

Then Phil Jones just stops. As if he’s done his job.

Phil Jones 4

Ashley Young wants the limelight though.

Phil Jones 5

Cameron Jerome can’t believe his luck.

Phil Jones 6

Ashley Young is sent for a Mars bar.

Phil Jones 7

Phil Jones 8

Phil Jones 9

Michael Carrick is the perfect gentleman as he politely gets out of Jerome’s way.


He even gives the striker a pat on the back to urge him on after letting him go straight inside.

Carrick 2

If that wasn’t courteous enough, David De Gea pretends like Jerome’s shot was a good one.


He dives around like he was keeping goals against seven-year-old nephew.

David 2

The ball goes in. Carrick presents himself for Jerome.

David 3

Some say Ashley Young is still sliding.

Manchester United v Norwich City - Premier League

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