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30th May 2017

We’re not sure even Antonio Conte believes his own excuse for Victor Moses’ Wembley dive

Pull the other one

Darragh Murphy

As bonkers excuses go, this is up there with the best (or down there with the worst).

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte had to comment on the antic of Victor Moses, sent off in unceremonious fashion after attempting to trick the referee into awarding a penalty to the Blues midway through the second half of Saturday’s FA Cup final against Arsenal.

Chelsea were chasing the game, which they ultimately lost 2-1, and it was clear that desperation mode had been entered when Moses, booked ten minutes earlier, made the bizarre decision to hit the deck under a non-existent challenge from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The makeshift Arsenal wing-back clearly pulled out of the tackle but Moses went down like a sack of spuds and was promptly given his marching orders by Anthony Taylor, making the Chelsea man only the fifth player to be sent off in an FA Cup final.

Conte was always going to be asked about the incident after the game but the Italian was never going to throw his player under the bus so he arrived at one of the most preposterous excuses you could imagine.

Rather than accept that Moses had attempted to deceive the official, Conte claimed that the 26-year-old suddenly got very tired as he entered the box and decided to have a little lie-down for himself.

“There is a lot of tension in these moments and sometimes you could be tired,” Conte told Chelsea’s official website.

“I don’t think if my player dived he did it with a real intention of doing it.

“We have arrived at the end of the season and many players are tired, and then there is a lot of pressure.

“It’s not a good situation to dive, for sure, but Moses is an honest player and if he did this it’s only because he was tired.

“He didn’t want to cheat the referee,” added Conte.

Seems legit.

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