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12th Sep 2016

Andrea Pirlo’s new wine-inspired boots are intoxicatingly beautiful

Maybe it is the drink talking, but we think we love these

Carl Anka

The bods at Nike have treated Andrea Pirlo to a new custom pair of football boots.

Talking to everyone’s favourite deep lying playmaker, the sporting company have created the ‘Tiempo Pirlo’, combining Pirlo’s love for football and wine.

And much like the man himself, the new boots are simple, understated and effortlessly cool.

Does that mean the new boots boast one of those tilted soles to help you walk better? Not quite; instead the Tiempos look like a special treasure unearthed from a quality wine cellar.

Here, look.

Pirlo Tiempo 1

According to the Nike press release, the Tiempo Pirlo feature ‘premium Alegria leather in a Merlot colourway inspired by the juice of the grape.’

Pirlo Tiempo 2

In an added touch, the boots come with four gold stars on the back, one for each of Italy’s World Cup wins.

The boots come packaged in a polka dot shoebox. A line reading ‘Aged Since 94’ features on both the box, and in a genuine cork sockliner.

Nike really want you to feel like you’re opening a vintage bottle of wine with these boots it seems.

Pirlo Tiempo 3

The limited edition Tiempo Pirlo will be available September 19th for “let’s not talk about that” money via the Nike Football App and


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