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16th Sep 2018

Ambulance breaks during Brasiliero Serie A game and players help to get it off

It was a perfect example of the ridiculousness of Brazilian football, as players helped to push a broken down ambulance off the field of play

Reuben Pinder

The wonderful world of Brazilian football

Brazilian football is full of skill, controversy, and shambolic organisation. It is a far cry from the glitz and the glamour of the Premier League, but it’s never boring. That, you can be sure of.

In yesterday’s fixture between Vasco da Gama and Flamengo, the most perfect example of Brazilian football’s ridiculousness occurred, as an ambulance broke down in the middle of the pitch.

The ambulance had come on to the field to escort an injured player, but could not make its way off as the engine began to fail.

But that wasn’t going to prevent the players from finishing their match, with everything still to play for. The players helped get the vehicle going again, by coming together to give it a push, helping it on its way.

Brazilian football might never develop into the commercial behemoth of the Premier League, but when things like this happen, I don’t think I want it to.

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