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10th Jan 2023

Ally McCoist recalls hilarious Roy Keane World Cup story

Callum Boyle

Ally McCoist

Both pundits were enjoying their day off

Ally McCoist was left in tears of laughter as he recalled one of his encounters with Roy Keane during the World Cup.

Both were working in Qatar as part of ITV’s coverage and decided to head to the beach during one of his days off.

As McCoist arrived at the beach he spotted Keane, who was also enjoying his day off, sat on the sun-bed with his headphones in.

The former Rangers and Scotland striker said he thought about pulling up a chair next to him but decided not to as he thought that Keane would ‘kill him’.

However it was quite the opposite and McCoist admitted that the 51-year-old’s actions left him in hysterics.

Ally McCoist on Roy Keane beach encounter

Speaking on TalkSPORT, he said: “I had a belter when we were at the World Cup right.

“We had the afternoon off and I thought I am going to nip down the beach for an hour because I like a swim and I love the beach.

“So I walk down to the beach which is right next to the hotel. I’m telling you, there was nobody on the beach, nobody. It wasn’t a massive beach but there was nobody there.

“There was 80 sunbeds or so. But there was one sunbed way up on the left-hand-side and Roy was sitting on it. He had his headphones on. He was the only person on the beach.

“I’m thinking to myself, there is no danger that he wants to see me. Initially I thought, I’ll pull up my sunbed right next to him, tell him I’m staying and see where it takes us.”

‘He’s got his headphones on and he opens one eye’

“But, then I thought he’d have killed me,” Ally McCoist continued.

“I walked all the way along the beach to see him. He’s got his headphones on and he opens one eye. He looks at me and removes the left ear of his headphones.

“I said you’ll be delighted to hear I’m not going to sit next to you and I am going to leave you alone, I just wanted to say hello. He looked at me, closed his left eye and put his left headphone back in and stuck a thumb up.”

Classic Keane.

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