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01st Aug 2016

VIDEO: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain with a goal so good it required multiple fire emojis

Ox is on fire, Mexico is terrified

Tom Victor

Not everyone agrees with the American outlook on the beautiful game, but our friends across the pond may have found a handy new way of rating goals.

That’s right, the emoji system.

A solid goal that you’d stand and applaud but no more? A clapping emoji will suffice.

The sort of strike that elicits an audible gasp? Screaming face is your friend.

But for something really special? The fire emoji was invented for a reason, people, and that reason was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s solo goal for Arsenal against Chivas in California.

It’s only appropriate for the land of the hamburger to respond to a special Ox with fire, and this was very special.

We were tempted to say it’s the kind of virtuoso run and finish that England could have really done with at Euro 2016, but then we remembered that Marcus Rashford and Ross Barkley – the two squad members who have shown they are capable of runs like this – got a grand total of 21 minutes (plus stoppage time) at the tournament.

That’s not stopped Arsenal fans getting excited for their returning midfielder, who sat out the European Championships through injury.

However, after his struggles in the recent past, the optimism is a bit more subdued than usual.

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