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21st Feb 2017

Someone actually took a ‘Wenger Out’ sign to the Donald Trump rally in London

There's a time and a place.

Tom Victor

One is a stubborn ruler who has outstayed his welcome, stinking up the place to the point where the joke isn’t funny any more.

The other is Donald Trump.

Last night, as Sutton United fans were singing “You’re getting sacked in the morning” to Arsène Wenger, thousands more took to the streets in a show of solidarity against US President Donald Trump.

One person, however, may have got a little lost. Either that or they double-booked themselves and wanted to make the best of a bad situation.

Presenting one of the more topical signs seen in central London.

Of course, Wenger is more than used to protests within Zone 1 and 2 of the London Underground, but now the campaign against the former Monaco coach has gone mainstream.

Sure, it wasn’t *technically* a protest against Wenger, but if we’re being honest is it that different from having a few outliers among a crowd of 60,000+ at the Emirates Stadium calling for his head.

Yes, of course it is, but don’t spoil this for us.

Anyway, we’re looking forward to the next series of anti-Trump marches, where someone will invariably fly a plane over Trafalgar Square with a ‘Moyes Out’ banner.

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