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01st Jul 2023

Football set for another seismic rule change with Arsene Wenger’s new offside

Rory Fleming

Arsene Wenger

The rule change has been brought about to help make VAR calls easier.

FIFA are set to implement yet another seismic rule change to football, this time reconstructing the offside rule.

The new law will see a player deemed offside only if their entire body, with which they can play the ball, is ahead of the last defender.

At present, the offside rule states that a player is off should any part of their body, with which they can play the ball, be ahead of the final defender.

Since the introduction of video-assisted refereeing (VAR) a number of seasons ago, football fans have had to endure officials deliberating over the finest of margins when it comes to offside calls.

Arsene WengerWenger has sought to mitigate the influence which VAR has had on the game. (Credit: Getty Images)

This new law though seeks to eliminate the guesswork involved in determining offsides, hand the advantage back towards the attacking team and enable a more free-flowing and exciting spectacle for fans.

According to DirecTV Sports, FIFA will first trial this new rule in Sweden, with the nation’s men’s Under-21 and women’s Under-19 leagues the chosen test subjects.

The new law will then be rolled out in stages across Italy and the Netherlands, with FIFA’s rule change board to assess its’ impact.

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was the man who conjured up the rule change, with the Frenchman presenting it to FIFA President Gianni Infantino in March of 2021.

Wenger had reportedly hoped for the new law to be in place in time for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, although that plan proved to be too ambitious.

Now though, it appears that FIFA have finally taken heed of the iconic manager, as he seeks to mitigate the impact which VAR has had on the game.

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