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26th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Chris Eubank Jr sparks out young boxer in training with vicious shot

Out cold

Ben Kenyon

If you’re supposed to go easy in sparring, nobody told Chris Eubank Jr.

The son of the great middleweight world champion is preparing to challenge Nick Blackwell for the British title.

Just like his old man, he’s a truly ferocious puncher – as the brave Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan found out before his corner threw in the towel in Eubank Jr’s last outing to stop him inflicting any more damage.

This ruthlessness however was on display when he knocked a young sparring partner out cold in the run up to the Blackwell fight.

Boxing at The O2

Caught on gym CCTV, Eubank Jr catches him with a rapier-like right-left combo and drops him to the canvas.Champion Blackwell was less than impressed by what he saw.

“He put a video up on social media, for the whole world to see, of him knocking out a kid who hasn’t even had a pro fight and it’s disgusting,” he told the Mirror.

“The amateur kid is building his confidence and trying to learn from a so-called professional, but somehow Eubank Jr takes pride in exploiting him like that.

“I’ve put more than one world champion down in the gym over the years but I don’t go around bragging about it. And the idea of filming it and putting up a clip on social media is just embarrassing.

“I think Eubank Jr is so disrespectful. He should be ashamed of himself.”

The pair will fight on March 26.

Here is the full exchange…