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01st May 2022

Three things that Katie Taylor needs to watch out for against Amanda Serrano

Lee Costello

It’s almost time.

Amanda  Serrano is already a legend in boxing, not least because she currently holds the record for holding a world title in he most weight divisions – an incredible seven, in case you’e wondering.

However, despite only being a professional and having only half as many fights, Katie Taylor has cleaned up in the pro game, unifying her own weight division with every single belt there is on offer.

The Irish native also has been involved with some absolute crackers against the likes of Delfine Persoon and Natasha Jonas, so she’s used to mixing it with the best.

But despite the obvious things, there are three key things that Taylor needs to watch out for tonight!

Serrano’s lead hand

The Puerto Rican fighter is a southpaw, so is obviously left-hand dominated, however a real danger with this – particularly with someone that possess her power – is the fact that her lead right hand also contains serious juice.

Taylor is wonderful with her feet, bouncy on the toes, in and out, and loves to spin out off danger.

However, southpaws at Serrano’s level are experts at leading you into a false sense of security, stepping put of danger by rolling to the left a couple of times, just setting the trap, until BANG… the next time you take that step, you’ve just walked onto a lead hook, which can be devastating.


It’s seems almost silly to say, considering the wonderful level of athleticism that both of these fighters have, however when it’s the biggest stage, the biggest night, and you have had to endure the longest build up – you end up giving absolutely everything, tapping into reserves you never hit before.

Just look at Michael Conlan in his recent fight against Leigh Woods – he was outstanding, boxing the fight of his life, but by the last round he simply had given too much.

The danger of this is that a shot that normally wouldn’t phase you, has the potential to put you on your back and finish the fight, so the boxer who can handle this the best has a great chance.

Winning the exchanges on the inside

This is a typical boxer vs fighter situation in some cases. Serrano is really bullish and loves to come forward, to stick her head on your chest and keep coming stepping towards you.

Katie is all speed, flair, and precision – picks her shots, throws combos and gets out of there – but there will be times in this fight where she will need to plant the feet, bite down on the gum shield and just brawl it out on the inside.