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21st Aug 2017

There’s going to be an Irish fan zone for McGregor v Mayweather

This will be class

Conor Heneghan

A potential option for anyone in Vegas who can’t afford a ticket to the big fight.

After a build-up that seems to have gone on forever, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will finally lock horns in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas this Saturday night and there will be an official Irish fan zone for those who can’t make the arena.

Anyone who gets to see the fight in the flesh is either very lucky or not short of a few bob, because face value tickets ranging from €430 to €8,582 sold out within a matter of minutes when they went on sale a few weeks back.

If you fancy it, you can still get a ticket on StubHub, although the fact that the tickets range in price from $1,299.99 to $100,250 (approximately €1,105 – €85,350) might just put you off.

If previous Conor McGregor fights in Las Vegas are anything to go by, there could well be a sizeable Irish presence in Sin City on Saturday night and those not lucky enough to get tickets might fancy all gathering together in the one place to cheer on the Notorious (or Mayweather, but we’ve a suspicion they might be outnumbered).

With that in mind, Partyrock Travel Limited and Maroon Horizon Limited have announced that an official Irish fan zone has been organised in Las Vegas for Saturday, with live screening of the fight on big screens.

The fan zone will be located at the Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas and will open as early as 11am on Saturday.

Fans can start to enjoy the pre-fight build up either at the pool party or inside the hotel at the large bar and VIP suites, with entertainment being provided from 11am, both at the pool and inside the hotel.

Later that evening, the big fight will be screened live, both at the pool and inside at the bar.

There are a number of MGM resorts in Las Vegas offering closed circuit screenings of the fight on Saturday, but organisers of the fan zone are hoping that Irish fans will congregate together in the Artisan Hotel to create an atmosphere before, during and after the big event.

Tickets for the fan zone are now on sale and are priced at €190 for standard tickets and €260 for VIP tickets; they can be purchased on the Maroon Horizon website.