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30th Aug 2017

Pundit and Conor McGregor fanboy has said something quite remarkable about hypothetical rematch

He just can't get enough of 'The Notorious'

Darragh Murphy

We can almost all agree on the main takeaway from the Money Fight.

It was a valiant effort from Conor McGregor but he was never in a position to trouble the masterful defence of Floyd Mayweather who, although looking a bit less sharp than he once did, found it pretty straightforward against the Irishman.

That’s what most of the rational world made of the bout.

But Skip Bayless lives in a different reality to the rest of us and the FOX Sports pundit continues to possess an unwavering faith that ‘The Notorious’ has the beating of Mayweather.

In the run-up to Saturday night’s bout, Bayless told Floyd Mayweather Sr. to his face that “Conor will knock your son out!” and, in the wake of the fight, he maintained that Mayweather was saved by the referee in round nine.

“He took a shot to end it early in round nine and he got pulled off,” Bayless said. “I swear Robert Byrd saved the fight. He saved it. Byrd, longtime referee in Las Vegas, highly respected. but he gave Floyd a big break he didn’t deserve.”

But Bayless, a veteran journalist whose resume boasts respected outlets such as ESPN, the Los Angeles Times and the Miami Herald, has saved his most outlandish claim for last.

On Tuesday, the 65-year-old actually claimed that McGregor would beat the 50-0 great if a rematch was to take place.

“You better believe I would buy a rematch because Conor McGregor would win a rematch,” Bayless proclaimed confidently on Undisputed.

“And this man across from me knows it which is why Floyd would be foolish to accept a rematch because for any amount of money because Floyd did look old in this fight as I thought he would.

“He’s 40 and a half years of age. I have never in my life – and I’ve watched just about every Floyd fight – seen him have to fight so desperately because he was in huge trouble.

“Have you ever seen Floyd swing from the heels so wildly and miss so often? Swing with roundhouse haymaker rights that just hit air? I’ve never seen it.”

Now we, at JOE, like Conor McGregor as much as the next fight fan but there’s a point where you just have to admit that the better man won on Saturday and that Mayweather is simply a more skilful boxer than the Irishman.