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13th Mar 2022

“It is what it is” – Michael Conlan shares uplifting update from hospital bed after sickening knock-out

Niall McIntyre

Michael Conlan lost his World title fight to Leigh Wood but the Belfast man can hold his head high.

That’s because, having out-boxed the world champ for the guts of 12 rounds and having boxed himself to an utter stand-still, Conlan literally left everything he had out in that ring. Defeat will sting and it might take a while to get over but when the dust settles, Conlan will eventually realise that there was little more he could have done.

It was a sickening sight really as, from a standing position, Conlan lost consciousness only to be sent tumbling over-board. It was so unusual and so concerning that, from thinking about the result to fretting about the Belfast’s man welfare, your train of thought turned instantly.

Within an hour, thankfully, it was revealed that the 30-year-old had regained consciousness and was awake and stable because in those worrying times, that was the only thing that mattered.

Conlan, too, can be proud of his role in what many are calling ‘the fight of the year.’ Indeed, for 11 rounds, Conlan was the livelier, more versatile and skilful boxer and he looked nailed on for glory, either by points or by that knock-out he was threatening, until Wood caught him with a corker in the 11th round.

Conlan was on the ground for the first time and though he got back to his feet, from there, he was exhausted, he was a shadow of the boxer that had dominated the rest of this fight and as world champions do, Wood capitalised.

To be fair to the Englishman, he showed a class and sportsmanship when, after realising the seriousness of Conlan’s condition, he stopped celebrating and urged the whole Nottingham arena to calm down. He thanked the Irish crowd for coming over and said that Conlan is “so tough.”

But with his CT scans clear, Conlan shared a video from his hospital bed this morning where he vowed to rise again.

“I’m all good. The CT scans are all clear. It is what it is, I’ll be back.”

Later on, he tweeted about his desire for a re-match.

“Watched the fight, I definitely need to run it back! Up on the cards & 11th was a slip, fatigue was kicking in & I was caught on the temple with a good shot I didn’t see.”