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25th Aug 2017

You may not have heard what Conor McGregor whispered to Floyd Mayweather

It says a lot

Darragh Culhane


He’s taking this very seriously.

Any doubts that Conor McGregor isn’t taking this fight seriously have long been dismissed.

Whether it be from Showtime documenting his run up to the fight or his striking coach Owen Roddy doing his own Vlog while over in Las Vegas there have certainly been no second measures taken by the Crumlin native.

Since arriving in the UFC and long beforehand McGregor has exuded in confidence, it is part of the reason why he has got so far in his career.

Saturday night will prove to be different, the 29-year-old will step into the boxing ring in the T-Mobile Arena believing that he can beat Floyd Mayweather.

The two-weight world champion has been notorious (excuse the pun) for going into psychological warfare with his opponents and it has been no different with Floyd Mayweather.

After the four city tour questions were hanging in the air as to where the pantomime ended and where the mental blows begans.

The two fighters have made it no secret that this fight is all about the money, selling it to as many people as possible but the latest episode of Mayweather vs. McGregor embedded showed the UFC fighter legitimately trying to get inside the head of the undefeated American when the two went face to face after all the antics of the press conference was done.

In a whisper, so as just for Mayweather and not for the rest of the world to hear McGregor says:

“Boom! Head off the canvas. ‘And the new king of boxing'”

Only for the bemused Mayweather to reply:

“You’re a comedian.”

The seven-minute episode gives a great insight as to what the pair are up to in the build up to the fight and reveals little things that you may have been wondering about come fight night including the gloves that McGregor could possibly be wearing on Saturday night.

Watch the full episode below.