Jose Aldo has done himself absolutely no favours with his reaction to Conor McGregor loss 4 years ago

Jose Aldo has done himself absolutely no favours with his reaction to Conor McGregor loss

This is not the night for that, Jose Aldo.

Conor McGregor may have come up short against Floyd Mayweather, but no one can doubt his 'big Irish balls'.


He had the cajones to not only take on arguably the greatest boxer ever in his professional debut, but he tried to beat him on his own terms. He showboated, he was flashy, he landed with swagger.

Mayweather may have got the stoppage, but McGregor stayed standing right until the end. He had nothing left to give, and still, he remained on his feet.


When it was all over, the MMA community was proud of what McGregor managed to do. Former foes who were outclassed by 'The Notorious' inside the Octagon had nothing but praise for the UFC superstar.

Eddie Alvarez, who was demolished by McGregor at UFC 205 to lose his lightweight world title had a very classy response to McGregor's performance.


UFC featherweight champion, Max Holloway, who was comprehensively beaten by McGregor to a unanimous decision while the Dubliner was operating with one knee, also paid his respects.

He knew the huge challenge McGregor took on and that his efforts did his sport proud.


Joseph Duffy, who submitted McGregor in 38 seconds way back in his Cage Warriors days, was also full of praise for his compatriot.

Duffy had seven professional boxing bouts before returning to MMA and he reckons McGregor held his own against the undefeated prizefighter.

Jose Aldo, on the other hand, embarrassed himself with his reaction.


'Scarface' has had it out for McGregor ever since the Irishman got under his skin on that infamous world tour.

After being knocked out by 13 seconds, Aldo became a laughing stock in MMA circles. When it became apparent that he wasn't going to get a rematch against McGregor, he requested a contract terminationthreatened legal action and even hinted that he would be willing to intentionally lose fights to see out the end of his contract.

Then when McGregor flew too close to the sun, he had this to say:

Would Aldo do any better against Mayweather?