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01st Mar 2022

John Fury and Carl Frampton involved in angry altercation over Jake Paul comments

Callum Boyle

Carl Frampton

“Get your facts right or get off the job”

John Fury and Carl Frampton were today embroiled in an angry altercation during Tyson Fury’s press conference ahead of his upcoming fight against Dillian Whyte.

John, the father of both Tyson and Tommy Fury, was left angered by Frampton’s comments in the build up to the latter’s fight against Jake Paul, which was due to happen in December but postponed after Fury suffered an injury in training.

Back in November, Frampton tipped Jake Paul to win. He said:

“I’ve seen Jake Paul, little highlights of him. I’ve seen Tommy Fury, I was actually working for BT for one of his fights as a pundit.

“I think that if you put a gun to my head, I think I fancy Jake Paul in that fight, if I’m being honest. Although he’s very, very new to boxing, he’s alright. He can box a bit.”

Whilst the start to the argument wasn’t filmed, it could be heard with Fury shouting at the BT Sport pundit: “You what? You think Jake Paul’s a boxer?”

Frampton then responded by saying: “No I don’t think he’s a boxer.”

Fury then followed up and said: “Then why do you think he can beat Tommy then? Answer the question now. You disappoint me, I looked up to you and I supported you.”

The former World Champion, rather politely, said: “I’m just trying to be honest John.”

That left Fury even more angered as he fired back: “Honest? Honest saying a YouTuber could beat a Fury? Are you p***ed?”

Frampton himself began to lose his cool, replying: “I’m not p***ed, I’m just trying to be honest.”

Fury then said “I don’t wanna talk to you” before shouting only seconds later: “Get your facts right or get off the job” as Frampton walked away.

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