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12th Apr 2022

Jake Paul says he wants to smash Conor McGregor’s ‘veneers in’

Callum Boyle

Jake Paul

‘He’s a bum’

Jake Paul has once again called out Conor McGregor and claimed that he would love to smash his ‘veneers in’ if the two can agree to a fight.

Paul has regularly challenged the UFC star to a fight – whether that be in the ring or octagon – but so far has yet to confirm anything with the Irishman.

The American has made a strong start to his professional career as a boxer, winning all four of his fights, and is now looking to move further up the ranks, regardless of the discipline.

Jake Paul Conor Mcgregor

‘His ego is too big for him to realise how much he sucks’

During an exclusive interview with SportsJOE, Paul once again called out McGregor and threw plenty of insults towards him.

“He’s just a loser, he’s a bum now,” said the 25-year-old.

“I’m stronger than him, faster than him, I’m a better athlete and he’s on a decline. He has no motivation, really, to change.

“He’s checked out, cashed out and his ego is too big for him to realise how much he sucks.

“It’s really sad to see. Someone with such a meteoric rise to fame plummet so fast, think they’re on top of the world, still walk around like they’re the king when in reality, he actually sucks at his job.”

Jake Paul Conor Mcgregor

‘I would like to smash his face in’

Paul then went on to add a bout against McGregor would be “easy for him” and given his previous experience, isn’t fazed in the slightest, even saying that he would like to smash his “veneers in.”

“It’s an easy fight for me,” he said, confidently.

“It’s one of the biggest fights in combat sports that can be made and it’s a part of making history and doing something that’s never been done before. I would like to smash his face in and smash his veneers in.

“He’s a bum, I’m a better boxer, I hit harder and I’ve already beaten up a five-time UFC champion [Tyron Woodley].”

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