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Conor McGregor pinpoints crucial Floyd Mayweather flaw that will hand him initiative
Ridiculous claim from McGregor, but he's adamant!

Conor McGregor has long been adamant that his fight with Floyd Mayweather will hinge on whichever fighter takes the first step back.

Both fighters have recently claimed that they will be the aggressor in the fight, that they will be calling the shots for the other to follow.

With typical McGregor confidence, the Dubliner assured the media scrum present at his press conference on Thursday that the American will take the first backward step in their fight on August 26, and that this will in turn hand him an initiative that he will never relinquish.

The Crumlin native was in assertive form, as he revealed his intention to chase Mayweather down in the ring until he takes that crucial backward step.

Floyd Mayweather has long deployed a defensive style in the ring where he aims to make his opponents miss, and in turn aims to make them pay when they do.

According to the Notorious, this style will be playing into his hands.

McGregor makes it all sound so simple, doesn't he?

"I'm going to come forward and go at him. He's saying he's going to come at me. Right listen, I'm telling you all, I'm going to go at him. Let's see who takes a back step first.

"That'll be the winning and losing of the fight, who takes a back step first. So you's can all sit there ringside and watch it and say, 'Floyd took a back step first.' That's the first defeat of the fight, there you go," claimed McGregor.



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