WATCH: Conor McGregor's seemingly innocuous comment causes Floyd Mayweather to break character 6 years ago

WATCH: Conor McGregor's seemingly innocuous comment causes Floyd Mayweather to break character

Conor McGregor has said a lot worse in the lead-up to this fight.

Thus far, here are some of the comments McGregor has made about Floyd Mayweather Jr.

  • He can't read.
  • He is going to get his head bounced off the canvas.
  • He's a brittle-hand, weak-ass b*tch.
  • He's getting knocked out in the first round.
  • His legacy will be destroyed when he is knocked out.

All of those claims and predictions have been accompanied by the foulest of language, threatening stabs of the finger and attempts to physically impose himself on, and bully, Mayweather.

So it was surprising that a seemingly innocuous comment from 'The Notorious' caused the only moment Mayweather anger and emotion during the final weigh-ins at the T-Mobile Arena.

From the moment both men took to the stage for the weigh-in procedures, the barbs began. Mayweather theatrically laughed and pointed at McGregor as he stripped down before tipping the scales at 153lbs.


The heckles were returned as 'future Hall of Famer' Mayweather stepped forward and one remark touched a nerve. The Michigan native had been unflappable in the final press conference and all interactions with McGregor on the evening until one moment as he stepped on the scales.

McGregor [appearing to the right in the clip below] encroached on Mayweather and his barbs hit a nerve.

"You're too soft Floyd. Too soft. You're too soft b*tch.

"Let's see your stupid, little, weak ass... "

Credit: UFC

McGregor did not get to finish his latest rejoinder before a security guard ushered him away. Mayweather pointed at McGregor, calling him "b*tch", before pointing to someone from the Dubliner's entourage and calling them a "f**king b*tch".

For the rest of the event, 'Money' was coolness personified.

McGregor tried to push his buttons as they faced off for the final time, outside the ring, and roared, "I'll kill you stone dead. Know that!"


The undefeated Mayweather stared straight back and sniffed in derision at each and every bold proclamation from his opponent. McGregor will be looking for any chink in Mayweather's armour and that one moment of lost cool will have been hungrily noted.