Chris Eubank Jr reacts to missing out on Gennady Golovkin bout 5 years ago

Chris Eubank Jr reacts to missing out on Gennady Golovkin bout

After years of hype and speculation, this Friday saw Gennady Golovkin confirm the details of his UK fight debut.

The Kazakhstani fighter, considered one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world, announced on 8 July that he will be fighting Kell Brook for the Unified World Middleweight Championship on 10 September.


The news sent waves of delight around the fight world, as yet another British boxers takes part in a fight of the year contender.

However, whilst many fans credited Kell Brook for securing the fight and wished him well, others were quick to ask what happened to Golovkin's apparent fight against Chris Eubank Jr.

Last week saw Eubank Jr, fresh off his victory over Tom Doran, talk about his intentions to fight Gennady Golovkin (also known as GGG), sometime this year.

But with Golovkin now fighting Brook, many are wondering what happened...


Billy Joe Saunders, a long time rival of Eubank Jr (whom he beat in 2014) offered his own bullish reasoning to Chris not getting the fight...


And then some....

Over on GGG's side of the camp, and it appears there was an issue with Chris Eubank Jr signing the fight contract...


Now, Chris Eubank Jr has responded to claims he "bottled" the fight, saying he was still yet to be offered a contract...


Strong words from the current British Middlewight Champion, but as it stands now, it is Kell Brook who has the lucrative fight against Gennady Golovkin.

For now, at least.