Brendan Schaub wears Conor McGregor t-shirt, sparks Twitter war with angry fans 5 years ago

Brendan Schaub wears Conor McGregor t-shirt, sparks Twitter war with angry fans

There are angry Twitter trolls and then there are fight fans.

Then there's a combination of both and nothing brings out the worst in them like when Brendan Schaub wears Conor McGregor gear.


The MMA fighter cum comedian cum Showtime analyst has been in Dublin this past week and it's safe to say that he's embraced the Irish culture.

He embraced it and then some.


Maybe someone just keep a close eye...

Schaub was throwing himself into the way of the world in the capital but he was well embraced into the bosom of Ireland too though.


The American has been one of the most vocal personalities in the media peddling the idea that Conor McGregor doesn't just have a chance of competing with Floyd Mayweather, but he could bloody well beat him.

When everyone is talking down the Dubliner's experience and credentials, Schaub is calling him the A-side of the fight; that no-one but Conor McGregor could've drawn as much interest and coverage in this event and that the thousands of fans showing up at press conferences were there because of the Irish man. He's the pull, according to Schaub.


He's argued with Paulie Malignaggi that McGregor should not be written off and he's even gone and bet a picture of his own genitalia that The Notorious will last the full 12 rounds with Mayweather.

He's a fan of the fighter and the personality. He has genuine hope for him.

So if Brendan Schaub wears Conor McGregor t-shirts, he'll make no apologies for it.

As he prepared to check out of Dublin after a successful few days on the Emerald Isle, the 34-year-old sported a tricolour with a daring reference to what many would argue is Mayweather's imminent boxing record.


Innocent enough. Right?

Well, maybe if you're a rational thinker.

Instead, it upset quite a few as the seven classic stages of a Twitter dispute unfolded before our very eyes. Over a t-shirt.

Stage 1: The 'literally' reply.

Stage 2: What's it to you?

Stage 3: I've set moral standards and everyone else in the world has fallen short of them.

Stage 4: Get a f**king life, would ye?

Stage 5: Lazy journalism.

Stage 6: Check yo' facts.

Stage 7: I win.

Relax, lads. Never hear the term 'when in Dublin'?