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01st Oct 2022

Boxer, 25, dies after knock-out in final minute of fight

Steve Hopkins

Luis Quinones’ brother paid a touching tribute to him after he passed away, earlier this week

A boxer has died aged just 25 after being hospitalised after a knockout loss in the eighth and final round of a fight in Barranquilla, Colombia, last weekend. Welterweight Luis Quinones fought Jose Munoz, at Coliseo Elias Chegwin, and was floored with under a minute of the fight remaining.

His brother, Leonardo Quinones, announced the passing on Facebook, writing. “You went ahead of us my loving brother, now you are with your heavenly father, whom you adored and served, I love you my brother Luis Quinones, forever and ever in our hearts.”

Quinones, who had been 10-0 prior to this defeat and had six knockouts to his name, died on Thursday night.

In the eighth round of the fight, Munoz lost his mouthguard and referee Leonel Mercado sent Quinones to a neutral corner so his opponent could get it back in. When the bout resumed, Quinones, who footage showed was visibly stumbling, was knocked down.

He was then taken from the ring on a stretcher and at the North General Clinic in Barranquilla, Quinones later underwent surgery for what was diagnosed as “neurological deterioration as a result of head trauma due to traumatic contusions”, the New York Post reported. Doctors also found a subdural hematoma, where blood collects between the skull and the brain, and performed surgery for that as well.

Quinones was declared brain-dead on Thursday but was still connected to a respirator until his passing at midnight. The Colombian Boxing Federation issued a statement on Friday. It read:

‘We express our most sincere condolences to all his family. Peace in his grave and resignation to the designs of God.’

In a post on Instagram from last year, Quinones called boxing “the ultimate challenge there is”.

Luis Quinones’ final opponent “devastated”

Quinones’ promoters said: “Cuadrilatero Boxing deeply regrets the death of Luis Quinones, an exceptional human being, disciplined and who always showed the greatest commitment to this sport.

“We would like to thank the staff at the General Clinic of the North, who during this time did what was within their power and took care of Luis in the best possible way.”

Quinones final opponent, Munoz, is devastated over the outcome.

He said of his sparring partner: “I never thought that a dream could turn into a real nightmare.”

“The desire to succeed in life put us both on the same path, but because of those things in life and especially the profession we chose, today you are in a situation that we never imagined.

“During the last days, your image does not stop in my head, and I think about the great future that lies ahead. We have been partners and friends of sparring which has allowed me to know all the good things you have to offer as a person and as an athlete.”

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