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11th Aug 2017

Accommodation for Conor McGregor’s main sparring partners looks pretty plush

Not bad at all

Patrick McCarry

“They put me in some kind of a crackhouse.”

So claimed Paulie Malignaggi of the accommodation he was put up in for his two sparring stints in Conor McGregor’s training camp.

The former welterweight world champion found McGregor over eight and 12 rounds in separate sessions before storming out of camp. Malignaggi, who will be a Showtine commentator for McGregor’s fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr, was livid over training conditions and the social media release of photos that showed him having a tough time of it.

The Brooklyn native claimed McGregor was driving around in a rented, green Lamborghini while putting some of his sparring partners up in a run-down house in Las Vegas. He accused the Dubliner of being “cheap”, disrespectful and obsessed with status.

We may find out more from the other boxers hired by John Kavanagh and his coaching team to spar with McGregor after the August 26 bout. Right now, however, we just have Malignaggi slinging mud. Tyrone welterweight Tiernan Bradley is also in camp and stayed in the same spot as Malignaggi but has not commented on the digs.

Malignaggi did say that McGregor’s main team, and sparring partners such as Artem Lobov, are being housed in an altogether nicer pad. That would certainly look to be the case, judging my the video shared by McGregor’s striking coach Owen Roddy.

In the first of his Vegas vlogs, Roddy shared some footage of life inside the McGregor camp.

Credit: SBG Charlestown


Living Room

One of the camera crews following the main man

The whole vlog is certainly worth the watch.