WATCH: O'Donovans reveal what they ate before their silver medal win 5 years ago

WATCH: O'Donovans reveal what they ate before their silver medal win

For Christs' sakes, get Gary and Paul O'Donovan their pizzas NOW!

Three hours after they stormed to Ireland's first ever Olympic silver medal, the O'Donovan brothers are finally getting to eat a decent meal.


The Skibbereen natives delivered another classic interview, on RTE this evening, and reflected on a whirlwind few days.

They revealed that, between their weigh-in [30 minutes before they set off in their final] and their interview they had eaten very little. While Gary was doing the bulk of interviews, his brother was in doping control. He remarked:

"We did the podium; got to wear the podium pants. Saw the mother and father, took a few pictures and that. I was then in doping control for an hour and a half. I was an hour or two trying to pee into a cup for them."

Gary revealed what the lads' final meal was before Olympic glory beckoned:

"We haven't had a bite to eat since two hours after the weigh-in. We had a bread-roll with some Nutella. I'm fairly hungry now but I believe they're on their way with some pizzas for us."


By the time the interview was wrapped, the pizzas were already back, cooling their crusts and waiting to be devoured.

Give the lads some space and let them wolf it down.

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