WATCH: Almost comically manic meltdown seen at Wimbledon 2 years ago

WATCH: Almost comically manic meltdown seen at Wimbledon

Viktor Troicki needs to learn how to be the king of his own calm kingdom.

Either the Serbian tennis player hasn't been reading the Little Book of Calm lately, or he recently suffered a nasty paper-cut leafing through its pages.

After losing a five-setter to Albert Ramos-Vinolas on Thursday, Troicki lost the rag completely and threw one of the most memorable hissy-fits in recent history. All because he didn't agree with a call made by the umpire at a crucial stage of the match.

The umpire overruled a call which saw his opponent gain match point at 40-30 in the fifth set which was enough to set Troicki off.

Troicki wasn't done raging yet. He went over to the umpire's chair after losing the match and being sent crashing out of the prestigious Grand Slam event and gave him a piece of his mind.

He proceeded to call him,"the worst umpire ever in the world!" before  telling him "you know what you did!"

John McEnroe, eat your heart out.