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16th Feb 2016

Snooker players back Ronnie O’Sullivan over deliberate failure to hit 147 break


Gareth Makim

Ronnie O'Sullivan

None of them would have turned their noses up at £10,000 though.

While many snooker fans have criticised Ronnie O’Sullivan over his controversial 146 break yesterday, the Rocket’s fellow players have certainly given his actions their support.

The gifted potter was on track to net a maximum break before deciding the prize money was too low and needlessly taking on a pink instead of a black to fall a point short.

While some viewers enjoyed another glimpse of O’Sullivan’s maverick side, many have criticised the five-times world champion, labelling him ‘selfish’ for cheating fans of a lifelong memory and claiming that he would have been better off donating the money to charity.

And while nobody else suggested they could afford to give up the prize money, several current and former players have taken to Twitter to back O’Sullivan.