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01st Jan 2017

It seems there was just one problem with O’Donovan brothers’ appearance on Graham Norton

Small matter


New Year’s Eve as a massive party night is, strangely, a very competitive TV ratings battle also.

So the chat shows pull out all the stops to secure the best guests (often filming the shows days in advance) – so Alan Carr should have had Keith Lemon as always, Jools Holland definitely has Seasick Steve and RTÉ presumably had either Brush Shiels or Johnny Logan or both.

Over on Graham Norton, the Corkonian was pulling out the big guns. Hollywood stars Marion Cotillard, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, plus comedian Frank Skinner were all on the couch.

Along with Skibbereen’s finest exports, Gary and Paul O’Donovan.

The lads were their usual charming selves – the same young men who won a nation’s heart when they won silver in the lightweight double sculls at the Rio Olympics.

We brought you the best of the pre-record earlier this week, but on Saturday night the UK public got to witness the siblings in all their glory and, while the reaction to the likeable souls was predictably positive. A lot of people did struggle to understand what the hell they were saying.

Like we said, many were still loving the banter.

More seemed frustrated that they were missing out on some obvious craic.

Others were proud that they got their ear in early.

Then some just seemed to be drained of festive spirit.