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15th Jun 2018

Phil Neville managed to seriously wind up Jermaine Jenas in half-time argument

"Don't tell me how to play in central midfield, Phil!"

Darragh Murphy

They were kind of arguing the same point, right?

The first half of Egypt vs. Uruguay was not exactly the most exciting 45 minutes of football you’re ever going to see and the BBC pundits were clearly eager to inject a bit of bite into the broadcast at the break. Phil Neville, Jermaine Jenas and Matthew Upson were on the panel which was tasked with analysing the opening half but talking points were few and far between. So they decided to make an argument out of absolutely nothing.

While Neville and Jenas praised Uruguayan midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur, they went back and forth on the impact of the youngster and both seemed to be saying the exact same thing just in a different way.

Jenas didn’t take kindly to the fact that Neville, who made his name as a full-back, was discussing the basics of midfield play.

“Don’t tell me how to play central midfield, Phil!” Jenas bristled.

Host Gary Lineker quickly pointed out that the pair were arguing the same point and that there was no need to get so heated.

“We have got the same point!” Jenas said. “The point is that we were waiting and I’ve just shown you that he can do it.”

Was more entertaining than the game, to be fair.


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