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04th Jun 2015

WATCH: Ice hockey may have his own Luis Suarez after claim of bite during scuffle

Enough with the cannibalism lads

Darragh Murphy

At least the alleged offender had the sense not to nurse his teeth like the perpetually peckish Uruguayan.

During the first game of the Stanley Cup final last night, a scrap broke out behind the goal between Tampa Bay Lightning’s Victor Hedman and Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane.

And as most teammates would, Andrew Shaw rushed to Kane’s aid before being wrapped up in a headlock by the Tampa Bay defenseman.

While we can’t see any evidence that Shaw sunk his teeth into his opponent’s body, Hedman seems to allege that he was on the receiving end of a toothy assault as he lifted up his jersey to show a mark and telling his teammates that “he bit me.”

We’re going to give Shaw the benefit of the doubt because we didn’t see any chomping, unlike the incidents involving Suarez, and we always thought that ice hockey was a sport tough enough where we wouldn’t see such wimpy tactics.

H/t to SBNation