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12th Nov 2014

VINE: Kobe Bryant breaks unwanted record as Lakers fall to Grizzlies

Kobe Bryant will have his name in the record books for a ... not-so-great reason.

Darragh Murphy

We’re truly sorry for pointing this out to everyone, Kobe.

Kobe Bryant has just broken the record for most missed field goal attempts of all time in the game that saw the Memphis Grizzlies see off Bryant’s Lakers 107-102 in Tennessee.

Bryant missed the target for a record 13,418th time in the 4th quarter of the game, overtaking Boston Celtics’ legend John Havlicek’s previous record of 13,417.

Here is the history-making miss in all its glory.

When asked about the record after the game, Bryant said: “Nah, I don’t follow that stuff, man.”

As way of explanation, he added: “Well, I am a shooting guard that’s played 19 years.”

Sound logic, hard to give him too much grief.