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13th Nov 2014

VINE: Absolutely sublime fake behind-the-back pass by Brandon Jennings bamboozles the Wizards

Oh yeah...

Sean Nolan

Is there anything better than a fake pass?

The Washington Wizards (6-2) eked out a 107-103 win over the floundering Detroit Pistons (2-6) last night, despite a superb show by the Pistons Brandon Jennings.

The point guard scored 32 points, 16 in the first quarter, but he could not propel his team past the in-form Wiz, whose own main man, John Wall, nabbed 27 himself.

Anyway, the play of the night, and one of the moves of the nascent season so far, was this brilliant fake pass by Jennings, allowing him to skip past the defence for an easy lay-up.

Check out the video too for the many other angles it gives you of the sweet, sweet move.