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19th Nov 2014

Video: This 11-year-old girl is better at American Football than you’ll ever be

Catch her if you can

Conan Doherty

Meet Sam Gordon.

Do not be fooled by her sweet, innocent exterior because she will tear you apart.

The Salt Lake City girl is ripping up her Pee-Wee football league, playing against all males and seemingly playing in every position.  Known as a quarterback, Gordon has broken records left, right and centre for her rushing yards, her touchdown count and her viral YouTube videos which have seen her become the first female football player to appear on a Wheaties box in America.  And she’s only getting better.

This clip of her 2014 highlights shows her weaving in and out out of countless tackles, holding off boys like a powerful running back, taking catches like a professional wide receiver would and shipping some big hits from opposition players who have obviously just gotten fed up with her skill and pace.  But she gets up and does it all again.

Bravery, speed, vision, power, magic.  And a whole wreck of talent.  She literally has it all.

You’ll enjoy this video but it will make you feel bad knowing that she is way better than any of us.