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08th Nov 2014

Video: Highlights of a dramatic double overtime game between Kings and Suns

Nerve-riddled ending as Kings win... at the third time of asking

Conan Doherty

This must be the equivalent of replaying a replay.

Although, does anyone remember the Ulster hurling championship clash between Derry and Down this summer?  They had already played out an extra time draw and by the time the pair of them went the distance over 90 minutes again in the replay it was just a case of, ‘Alright lads, stop mucking about now.  We don’t want another January Ulster final, do we?’

So they went again for another bout of extra time.

Not so uncommon in the NBA but this one between the Sacramento Kings and Phoenix Suns had a superb baseline shot to decide it – as well as two agonising misses at the death for the Suns to firstly win it, and then even tie it again.

That must be what they call a ‘buzzer misser’.  No?