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16th Jan 2015

Video: Brilliant and terrifying compilation of Kam Chancellor’s biggest hits

Here's why the Seattle safety is the best in the business

Sean Nolan

Don’t go over the middle against the Seahawks or this will happen

Seattle’s defence is what won them the Super Bowl last year and they way they are playing right now, it might just repeat the trick for them in a few weeks time.

Boasting the likes of Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman it is a terrifying unit but perhaps the best of the bunch is strong safety Kam Chancellor. The 26-year-old was a quarterback in high school but he has become one of the NFL’s most elite defenders.

Chancellor is best known for his ferocious tackles and one kindly soul has compiled all his biggest hits into one monster video.

If you are a fan of the Green Bay Packers, who face Chancellor and the Seahawks on Sunday, we advise you don’t watch.

Kam Chancellor Top 15 Hits from Russ James on Vimeo.