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06th Feb 2017

‘Vegas Dave’ missed out on an unfathomable payday after the Patriots’ comeback

That has to hurt

Darragh Murphy

That one had to sting.

When your name is ‘Vegas Dave’ and your occupation is professional gambling then you’re going to experience your fair share of losses to go along with those huge paydays.

Dave Oancea has been around the block and is not afraid of opening up about his losing betting slips, and he had one for the ages at Super Bowl LI.

‘Vegas Dave’ has made plenty of headlines in recent times, with one of his more memorable wins coming at UFC 196 when he backed Miesha Tate to beat Holly Holm and pocketed a cool $300,000. 

He had been a vocal supporter of the Atlanta Falcons throughout the NFL season and he cleaned up when the Dirty Birds won the NFC Championship two weeks ago.

As Super Bowl LI approached, ‘Vegas Dave’ kept the faith and lumped on his beloved Falcons and couldn’t believe his luck as they enjoyed a 21-3 half-time lead over the favoured New England Patriots.

The excitement got too much for ol’ Dave, who clearly enjoyed the Falcons’ early dominance and could almost smell one of his biggest paydays to date.

But then came the comeback as the Patriots charged towards victory as they registered 31 unanswered points to take the W in overtime.

And it cost ‘Vegas Dave’ a cool $3 million profit, apparently.

You win some, you lose some. But that has to hurt.