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03rd Dec 2015

The internet reacts to Coldplay being announced as Super Bowl halftime show

Opinion divided


It’s the biggest combination of sports and music in the world – the Super Bowl halftime show.

Down the years, legends like The Rolling Stones and The Who have kept Americans entertained in between the two halves of the country’s biggest sporting event, so you know it’s a big honour to be asked to play.

Every year, almost as much speculation goes into figuring out who will play at halftime as goes into who will actually be playing in the game itself, so there’s a lot of pressure on the NFL to find a big name who will make everyone happy.

This season, they’ve gone for British band Coldplay – and plenty of fans aren’t happy…

But there are still plenty willing to stick up for Chris Martin and co…

Then there were those who didn’t seem care all that much…