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16th Nov 2014

New Orleans Saints fan steals touchdown ball from female fan

Man elbows female fan, refuses to return ball

Gareth Makim

This New Orleans Saints fan is extremely pleased with himself, and we’re not sure why.

After all, while he has just come into ownership of a game-used touchdown ball, he has also shown himself to the world for the jackass that he is.

After scoring on a one-yard TD catch, visiting Cincinnati tight end Jermaine Gresham picked out Bengals fan Christa Barrett and flipped her the football.

That’s when Saints fan Tony Williams stepped in, literally, bundled Barrett off the ball before sitting back in his seat.

Despite her pleas, and the chants of the surrounding crowd to give her the ball, Williams would not be moved. ‘I caught it,’ he said. ‘It’s very simple, I caught the football. I didn’t mean to hit that young lady. I was just reaching for the football.’

UPDATE: Barrett did get to go home with a ball after all, as the Saints stepped up and gave her a different game-used ball. They presumably just gave Williams a dirty look.