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11th Dec 2014

Johnny Football responds to Cincinnati Bengal ‘midget’ jibes

Manziel modestly compares himself to Drew Brees

Patrick McCarry

Only in the world of supreme jocks can a 6ft tall man be described as a midget

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has since apologised for his derisive remarks about Cleveland Browns quarter-back Johnny Manziel, on Monday, but the story has legs and will jog on until the two sides meet on Sunday.

Cleveland coach Mike Pettine has selected Johnny Football for the weekend encounter and opposing coach, Lewis got a jibe in early. Asked about the young phenom, Pettine told a Cincinnati radio station ‘You’ve got to defend the offense; you don’t defend the player… particularly a midget.’

No sooner were the words uttered than the Bengals press team were crafting a rapid, apologetic response. ‘It was just a poor remark,’ said Lewis. ‘I really didn’t mean anything by it.’

Responding to the comments in Cleveland last night, Manziel said, ‘I don’t think they are saying that before they play Drew Brees. He’s 6ft; they wouldn’t just completely throw him out of the game plan because he’s 6ft, but for me I didn’t take it any type of way. It didn’t make me feel any way.

‘Coach Lewis called a couple people inside the organisation, wanted to apologise but, for me, it didn’t really get to me. I was up here trying to get prepared for practices.’ Just in case the reporter at the back did not hear him, Manziel repeated, ‘It didn’t really get to me.’

‘It’s absolutely funny,’ the QB added, ‘my height. I’m not gonna sprout five inches over the course of the week. It is what it is, my height is my height and I have to overcome it with the other pieces of my game.’