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26th Mar 2015

Florida running back admits pooping his pants on live TV helped his career

Follow through with your dreams, kids

Ben Kiely

Some people can find a silver lining in any situation.

Adam Jones was thrust into the public eye after he crapped his shorts during the Birmingham Bowl.

Despite the public embarrassment of being caught touching cloth on live TV, the University of Florida running back has revealed that pooping himself had a positive impact on his career.

“It was the best thing that could have happened. It got a lot of attention and just put me in a place where I was out there publicly and people knew who I was. I really didn’t get a lot of grief from it. A lot of people were really more focused on how well I did in the game than anything.”

“I feel like it was that way because I embraced it. That’s actually the first time something like that has ever happened. … I embraced it. Even running off the field after it happened, I waved at the crowd after I ran off to go change. And I waved when I came back.”

Hat-tip to UpRoxx