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31st Mar 2015

Atlanta Falcons caught using fake home crowd noise, lose 2016 draft pick

Is this what what sport has come to?

Patrick McCarry

‘Welcome to the Georgia Dome… ome… me… e! Is there an echo in here?’

That must be what the Atlanta Falcons’ powers that be thought, shortly before their idiotic decision to pipe in a fake atmosphere for their NFL matches.

The Falcons have been fined €325,000 ($350k) and have lost a 2016 draft pick for using artificial noise at home games.

The NFL franchise, who get an average home gate of 72,130 fans through their turnstiles, were obviously not happy with the noise levels of their own crowd during 2013 and 2014 matches.

The twisted logic behind the piped atmosphere was to disrupt opposition teams calling plays in the huddle.

As an added wrist-slap, team president Rich McKay was suspended from the NFL’s competition committee for three months [take that Rich].

The bigger slap of sand in the face is now the fact that the Falcons will now miss out on a top college prospect in 2016. Something for the real home fans to raise a stink about.

Wonder if European rugby authorities would consider handing down the same treatment to Saracens, who have used piped-in noise before.

Hat-tip: BBC