Wolfe Tones hit out at Leinster's apology for playing Irish rebel song 2 months ago

Wolfe Tones hit out at Leinster's apology for playing Irish rebel song

"Why the need to apologise?"

Irish rebel band Wolfe Tones have hit out at Leinster rugby's decision to apologise for playing the Irish rebel song 'Celtic Symphony.'


Following Leinster's victory over Connacht last night, the song was played during the team's lap of honour over the tannoy in the stadium.

The song has often sparked controversy when used in sporting occasions due to the lyrics in the chorus which chant "Ohh ahh up the RA."

Wolfe Tones Leinster

The offence comes from those who believe this is disrespectful to people who died or were injured during The Troubles in Northern Ireland.


The club released a brief statement Sunday evening apologising for any offence caused by the song.

"A song was played over the PA at the RDS Arena this evening that shouldn't have been played. Leinster Rugby has taken measures to ensure it doesn't happen again and apologises sincerely for its use and for any offence caused."

Wolfe Tones Leinster

However, the Wolfe Tones, who composed the song, have hit out at Leinster for choosing to apologise.

They tweeted: "Why the need to apologise … maybe those complaining should actually listen to the song in context … the usual suspects make yet another attempt to alienate Irish songs …"


This isn't the first time the song has sparked controversy in Irish sport, as the Ireland Women's football team were hit with a €20,000 fine for singing the lyrics in the dressing room.

The team had just ensured qualification for the World Cup, and during their celebrations they were recorded on camera chanting the song.


They have since apologised for this incident, although other Irish sports stars have come to their defence, most notably James McLean.

The Derry native has been a long time advocate in having the right to sing rebel songs and his beliefs align with the band themselves, who believe that the Women's football team, and Leinster rugby, have done anything wrong.

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