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20th Oct 2015

WATCH: When Donncha O’Callaghan wants water, no cheeky opposition water boy will stop him

He drinks when he wants

Conan Doherty

One for one for Donncha O’Callaghan.

In the water bottle fight stakes that is…

Worcester Warriors’ new Irish recruit made it a winning start at the weekend with a shock debut victory over Northampton Saints.

The Munster legend played the full game as his new side ran out 13-12 winners in their Premiership opener but it was clear to see exactly where this game was won.

Don’t give them an inch and all that. Never back down, they say.

Well, in a bizarre incident that gets more wonderfully strange every time you watch it, O’Callaghan had the slightest, most unnecessary run-in with a Northampton coach who was carrying the water.

The Irishman simply wanted a bit of hydration, the water boy pulls the crate away from him, O’Callaghan reaches more assertively and gets what he wants. But even when he’s drinking, the Saints man comes back and tries to pull it out of Donncha’s mouth.

That’ll show ’em, lads.

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