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25th Nov 2014

VIDEO: Slap happy French rugby brawl results in four red cards

Four players see 'rouge' for opening minute scrap

Kevin McGillicuddy

In French its known as a bagarre générale

Normally rugby is played in a fairly good spirits despite the incredible physicality on show most days, right from junior ranks all the way to international level.

This wasn’t quite the case in the recent match between Le Boulou and Salanque Côte Radieuse in the French amateur league.

It all starts after a scrum and is pretty ‘slappy’ for a while until the real fight breaks out among the players.

Then it ‘rouge’ all round as the referee tried to get things back under control:

The rest of the game wasn’t incident free either with a further two red cards shown as Salanque Côte Radieuse won 28-25.

Cheer to the lads at @FollowRugbySite for the heads up

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