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19th Dec 2015

VIDEO: Nigel Owens tells off rugby player after dropping f-bomb during live coverage

The Welshman doesn't mess around

Kevin McGillicuddy

Language young man.

TV cameras, and microphones, are ubiquitous in all sport now so trying to get away with something on the field of play is fairly tricky.

But one key difference between rugby and football is how salty the language can get that is picked up by the live feed into our homes.

The referee in rugby is sacrosanct, and the respect between players and the officials is something that a lot of sports would aspire to.

But last night Nigel Owens scolded a player during the Champions Cup clash between Northampton and Racing Metro at Franklin’s Gardens, when one of them issued a salty command to his teammate.

After the f-bomb was dropped and is clearly audible to the audience at home, Owens had a short, but stern, warning to the unnamed played.

‘Language, now then, there’s children watching at home’.

And that was that.

Have a look at the clip below.

There was also this gem as Owens had a quick word with Racing 92 prop Ben Tameifuna who was delighted to see the referee in charge

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